The Path of Least Resistance

A couple of weeks ago I had a meeting with my friends to file their taxes. (Yes, I do that too. LOL) Somehow, as often seems to happen, we found ourselves talking about things that were completely different from the matters at hand. In this case, my friend’s husband was giving us a lesson in electricity and how it works. The subject arose as we talked about a recent event we’d attended (Harmonics of Healing) and a fundraiser for a bursary being set up by the mother of a young man who was electrocuted. My friend is an electrician and explained that this was really unfortunate because, but for a few considerations, this young man may have been hurt but still survived. Something that he kept saying has really stuck with me and it’s the topic I’d like to explore in this entry. He said that electricity will always take the path of least resistance.

The path of least resistance… this brings up some really interesting things for me. Is it synonymous with copping out and conforming? Or does it mean that you find the easiest way to get things done? Or…. I think it could probably be interpreted and used in many different ways. In this case, and sticking with the connection to electricity, it has me pondering things that are more in the natural order of things. It has me considering how much effort it takes to NOT take the path of least resistance compared to how easy it is to just do what comes naturally.

As those of you know who’ve been following my blogs, I’ve spent a great deal of time going against what was true for me and that led me to some very uncomfortable and extremely unhappy places. I was of the mindset that going against the grain was often noble and preferable to conforming. Funny how we perceive things from different places in our lives. I look back at all of those years when I felt like it was necessary to fight for everything. I didn’t even realize that I was making things much harder than they needed to be. The crazy part is that the harder I fought, the harder I thought I needed to fight and it became a never ending cycle of finding (in many cases creating) something to fight for or against. It was part of proving the value of the things I hold dear and also, my right to have them. Fight for this relationship, fight for this business, fight against that injustice, prove your value… So much fighting… so much energy wasted. In a very real way, it’s like Don Quixote tilting at windmills. It makes NO sense and accomplished very little beyond creating extreme emotional and physical exhaustion in a relatively intelligent and successful woman.

What happened was that the fight became something I identified as an important part of “who I am”. It was something that defined me and that I believed to be one of my more noble qualities. I now see this as not only completely off the mark, but also containing a good deal of arrogance. “I” would fight for the cause and those who didn’t get on my side were not only wrong but somehow “less than”. Only I was capable of doing this – or maybe sometimes – if you wouldn’t do it, well than I guess it had to be me. WOW! So much pressure to perform and so much responsibility. How much fun was my life? Can you say absolutely none?

So what’s changed? I’ve really started to check in with myself and weigh things out when making choices. If it feels heavy or constricting then I do my best to not involve myself, but if it tickles that part of me that likes to giggle, I do my best to completely and fully involve myself. One is easy, one is not. Each one of us has a knowing or an intuition or whatever language makes sense to you. Every time we are presented with a question or a problem or an opportunity, something inside us already knows on an energetic level what is right and good for us. So what stops us from listening to that? In my experience it boils down to expectations and fears. We think and try to figure out what we should do. If we choose A the consequences may be X or possibly Y, if we choose B then we might get Z or maybe T. So much thinking, so much energy, so much effort!

What would happen if you simply made the choice to just check in with yourself before doing anything? There are sometimes real factors that must be considered, but if you feel light and like doing something will lead you to something fun or happy or more expansive for your body, your spirit, your business, your relationship, what if you just trusted that and let that be the determining factor? What if when you begin to make decisions from a place of moving in a positive direction for yourself – not for your family, your friends, your fans, your critics, for yourself – the doors just started to open and the people just started showing up to help with everything that you needed help with? What if trusting your own self and your own gut is actually your taking the path of least resistance in the same way that electricity and water and any number of natural phenomena do? What if the entire point is that things don’t need to be hard and are really meant to easy? Oh my goodness, what could that change in your life? If you’re anything like me, it might just change everything! And let me just say this way feels SO much nicer.

Now I must end this on the note that I’m not completely oblivious and I know that not everything feels good all the time. If you feel something is necessary, regardless of how it feels, you may need to follow through on it. It is never pleasant to deliver difficult news, or to deal with some of the situations life throws at us and the fact is that sometimes, those types of circumstances are unavoidable. I suppose the point is that we don’t need to create them or choose them unnecessarily. Life is much, much easier when you choose your battles and use your energy toward creating than it is when you choose to tilt at windmills and tear things down. After all, you can choose what’s right for you simply because it’s right for you. There is no cause for arguing and no need to defend. You can simply choose to do or not because it’s what you choose. Yes, you are allowed to do that. Something to think about… see you next time.

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