Jackie completed her certification in Strategic Intervention Coach Training through the Robbins-Madanes Center in 2015 (this program is based on the strategies and work of Tony Robbins and Chloe Madanes). More important, she has been doing this work her entire life without realizing it. She has a natural gift that she taps into to help her clients achieve the results they desire. Her programs and one-on-one coaching combine structured discussion and exercises with her unique intuition and her ability to shoot from the hip while simultaneously promoting self confidence and self love in her clients through honest reflection and curiosity.

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Having operated a successful accounting practice for nearly 2 decades, Jackie has become an expert at working with small business owners and the issues they face. As a consultant, she has helped her clients determine the health of their businesses, uncover theft and mismanagement of funds, and recover tens of thousands of dollars in over-reported taxes (one case alone was over $23,000, while another was almost $40,000!).

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Jackie is a gifted story teller who touches the hearts of her audience as she shares what she’s learned in complete authenticity and with incredible honesty. She speaks from the heart with a vulnerability that is rarely seen and creates a truly memorable experience.

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