Phoenix Coaching Is LIVE!!!

My friends, the last year (or 5!!) have been full of ups and downs! Perhaps you can relate? And sometimes, when overload happens, the only thing we can do is take the time we need to work through whatever is happening in our worlds. And for the last several months, that is precisely what I’ve been doing.

I’ll share more as we go, but for now, I wanted to let you know that WE ARE LIVE!! Yay!!

During this time of reflection, I realized many things. For my business, I realized that I had been trying to force things when I really just needed to allow things to show up. was the label given to the business of Speaking, Coaching, and Consulting because I didn’t yet know exactly what it was so had no idea what to call it.

In March, I wrote off my car and out of that came an awareness that the imagery of the phoenix really suits me. I don’t do most things half way, so when I fail it is absolutely brilliant! I crash and I burn with a blinding brightness. But here’s the thing… I get back up. Every single time, I get back up and I take whatever learning I’ve been given, and I start over. I talked about this in a post last year I think, the idea that failure is NOT a bad thing. When a baby learns to walk they fall hundreds of times. Every single time, they learn a little better about balance and one day, they stay upright! So I believe failure is just as important as success, but that’s just my interesting point of view…

And as I pondered many, many things as a result of the accident that could have been so much worse, Phoenix Coaching was born. It’s a bit like those “overnight successes” that require years of learning and work before things come together. Actually, it’s a lot like that.

So what’s changed? Not really a whole lot I suppose. If anything, things have gotten tighter. I have more clarity in my direction, in my offerings, in my ideal clients, and that’s allowed me to get more clear in my marketing. So the website has been re-vamped to better reflect what I’m doing, I have a new logo which I helped design and am in LOVE with, and I’ve gotten more aligned with who I really am. How does it get any better than that?!?

Now, I’m going to invite you to have a look at the website which can still be found at but is now also available at to really see what’s new!

And if you’re interested in learning how you could save 50% off the price of our programs, have a look at this video:


Have a fantastic day!!