Out of the Box… with Jackie – Part 1

Jackie EmmonsI’ve heard from many of you commenting that there’s a difference in my writing, appearance, and in the way I’m presenting myself and you’re asking what that’s all about. So in honour of our first “Out of the Box” newsletter and over the next several weeks, let me begin to share.

The last couple of years have held some really big opportunities for learning and those of you who know me know that I’m always up for a challenge and an opportunity to change for the better. I’d have to say it all started when I went to an event called Harmonics of Healing that’s organized by my dear friend Dr. Laura Gravelle…

To set the stage and for those who didn’t know me, I Am a Bookkeeper. I started a bookkeeping business out of my home in 2000 when it became impossible to juggle everything. I needed something that would help me make a living and would offer me the flexibility to meet the needs of my family. So I waved my magic wand and ‘Voila!’ I started a business – and began a six year cycle of falling flat on my face, getting back up and dusting myself off, and trying again. Eventually, I learned what it meant to be a business person, and I began transforming into a Bookkeeper. Translation – I began changing in ways that were not honouring to me because it was necessary to keep a roof over our heads and some food in the pantry. Can you relate? Over time, the transformation became SO complete that eventually, I had cut myself off completely from who I am and I had no joy left in my life.

So one day, my dear friend asked me to attend an event that would involve a drumming circle, meditation, and listening to a bunch of “holistic healers” and I have to be honest, I ran the other way. Remember, I was a Bookkeeper and a Business Woman and I functioned every day from a place of logic and reason and joylessness. I honestly thought these people must be at least a little coo-coo to be getting excited about sitting in a circle pounding on drums and I probably envisioned something like women dancing naked under a full moon… So I turned her down politely every time the subject came up.

Finally, we were sitting at a wonderful little restaurant called Angelo’s having coffee, and Laura told me that she had no idea how she knew, but she simply knew that I needed to be at her event and she implored me to come. Well, she hit the right button that day and I decided that I could take a few hours out of my life and go to this event, but just to support my friend. I was absolutely NOT going to enjoy any of this weird stuff. I would go and I would suffer through it (like a good martyr) for my friend.

Fast forward to a Friday evening in February of 2012. I found myself sitting in the Grand Ballroom at Windermere Manor (a lovely old family manor that has been converted into an inn, restaurant and one of the most beautiful venues in London to hold a business meeting or workshop) feeling very nervous and uncomfortable. I’m sure there were announcements and introductions… but the first moment I can clearly remember was when a tall, beautiful woman approached, took me by the hand, and brought me into a group of ladies who were dancing to the drumming. I was mortified! Didn’t she know that I was a Bookkeeper and a Business Woman?! Didn’t she know that I was too serious and intelligent to be dancing around in a circle?! Didn’t she know… No, she didn’t know. Juna Guetter, who has also become a good friend, didn’t have a clue who I was. I’m sure she saw me sitting uncomfortably in my chair and simply wanted to include me in the fun. I’m so thankful she did.

And that, my friends, is where it all began…

Watch for my next message to see what happened next!

One thought on “Out of the Box… with Jackie – Part 1

  • February 12, 2014 at 4:20 pm

    Thanks for sharing your story Jackie. It is really heartwarming to know the impact that a weekend like Harmonics of Healing can have. As you know, I am co hosting the event with Dr. Laura this year and I was excited by the opportunity because I know how wonderful the weekend. There are so many people who are seeking something more in their lives. To feel, as you did, the power that harmony within our bodies, minds, souls can bring.

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