Creating Your Life on Purpose

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Format: 8 week small group program

If you’ve ever felt like you’re stuck, like you’re not sure which direction to take, or like you’re not even sure who you are anymore, this program is for you!

Jackie Mott designed this program based on her own experience when she found herself unsure of who she’d become or how she’d gotten there. The ONLY thing she knew for sure was that she’d gotten so wrapped up in taking care of everyone else’s needs that she had completely lost sight of who she was and what would make HER happy.

Each group is limited to 4-6 participants in order to allow for the support of a group, while providing increased comfort for those who may not be comfortable sharing their personal stories in public settings. Jackie has a gift for creating a safe space and she combines structured discussion and exercises with flexibility in a way that allows for each participant’s needs to be met. Her unique approach relies on compassion, humour, and calling it like she sees it. You will leave each session with exercises to practice throughout the week to anchor the learning and help you explore who YOU are and what YOU need and desire.

Topics Covered:

  • Self-care – What does it mean anyway? and How do I do it?
  • Joy – Is it really possible to live in joy? (Here’s a hint, the answer is YES!!)
  • Fulfillment – How to create your experience so you can have fulfillment in your life, your relationships, and your work.
  • Love of Self – We’ve all heard that we need to love ourselves first, but what on earth does that even mean?
  • Honour – How to balance honouring yourself and your own needs with the needs of those you love.
  • Dreaming – How losing touch with your dreams will slowly kill you and how by tapping back into this mysterious part of yourself, you can unleash creativity, awareness, and a peace beyond anything you may have imagined.
  • Believing – What if you were stronger, more capable, more magical, and more potent than you ever knew was possible?

Women who have participated in this program have experienced healing, renewed curiosity, and growth that helps them see themselves as the amazing creatures they truly are and start making choices that support those beliefs.

Is now the time to start Creating Your Life on Purpose??

Because of the limited number of participants in each group, Jackie will arrange new groups as quickly as possible, but she also limits the number of groups running at any given moment so each group receives her full attention. To let her know you are interested in participating in the next available group, please fill out the application form here:

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