Ingredients to Create a Blissful Life #9: Point of View

This week is exciting because I’m talking about something I seem to be teaching on more and more – that pretty much everything is a choice. That can be a pretty hard pill to swallow because it requires us to do something we talked about a few weeks ago and take responsibility for ourselves and our lives. But what can happen in your life when you start to incorporate those 2 things???? Mmmmm this one feels good!

Your week 9 ingredient is: Point of View

Have you ever noticed that there are some people who, no matter what life throws at them, seem to show up with a smile and do the best they can while others, at even the slightest whiff of trouble go into a panic or start sounding like the loveable Eeyore character from Winnie the Pooh? In my humble opinion, the only real difference between these 2 ways of being is the person’s point of view. One has the point of view that life is what you make it, the other believes that nothing ever goes their way.

Henry Ford’s take on this is simple: “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” Interesting.

Can you think of a time in your life when you surprised yourself with something you didn’t know you were capable of? This happens to me all the time. LOL My inherent belief is that I will never be handed a situation that I do not have the skills, ability, or intestinal fortitude to deal with. And guess what happens every time? I’m not saying it’s always easy – it usually isn’t – and I’m relatively certain this belief started from religious teachings when I was young, but the fact is, I’ve made it through every storm I’ve ever gone through – and so have you.

Think about that for just a moment. Are you still breathing? Then you’ve made it through every storm you’ve ever faced. You may not have been victorious every time, you’ve very likely made some huge mistakes, but if you’re still breathing and you’re still functioning, you’ve made it! And yes, it really can be that simple.

I recently met a lady and had a wonderful and interesting conversation. She shared with me some of the adventures she’s lived and I was thrilled and astounded by everything she’s done and everywhere she’s been. I was really excited for her because I know what it takes to pick up and move to someplace completely unknown to you and my adventures were all inside Canadian borders. She has lived all over the world! How awesome and exciting is that?!How much has she learned and experienced that I haven’t? How many stories and interesting things does she know that many of us don’t?

I remember when we moved to Alberta and some friends tried to talk us out of it. They talked about how things may not work out, how it would be hard for us to start over in a place where we knew no one and had no support network, how it might be very hard… Would you be surprised to know that those were some of the reasons that it was the best decision I’ve ever made? That I learned things about myself I don’t believe I ever could have had I not taken that risk? That I developed more skills, more faith in myself, and more intestinal fortitude than I ever knew was possible? That experience showed me that I was SO MUCH more than I’d ever imagined and I’m so very grateful that despite the challenges and fears, we pushed through and went anyway.

So where do you fall on the scale? Are you a glass half full or glass half empty kind of person? There really isn’t a right answer to that question, and I certainly don’t think that just because I choose to live in the realm of possibility and creating that I’m doing things the “right” way. I do think that I probably have a lot more fun than a lot of people do and that it’s because of the way I choose to see the world and my place in it. Do I believe that things go wrong? Yes. Do I believe that some people take great pleasure in creating stress and upset for others? Yes. Do I believe that this world is a tough place to be? Yes. But I also believe that things can go right, the majority of people are doing the very best they can, and that things can always get better. And most important, I believe that regardless of what circumstances present themselves, I will find my way through the storm. Because I always have. That’s the point of view I choose to live with.

What do you choose?

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