Ingredients to Create a Blissful Life #8: Confidence

Wow, week # 8 is already here! How is your 2015 going so far?

This week, your ingredient to create a blissful life is: Confidence

I really love this word. It makes me think of lions striding across an African range or a charging rhino. Do you ever wonder if they have trouble believing in themselves? I have the suspicion that those that survive probably don’t and that causes me to wonder why humans are so different. I suspect that it may have something to do with the nature of the situations we deal with. If you were a lion on an African range and you didn’t have the air of being strong and mighty and superior, my guess is you’d make yourself an easy target and be picked off rather quickly. So it’s really a life or death type of thing, right? Hmmm, interesting.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone was threatening you or someone you loved with harm? One situation that caused my sister, Jenny, to dub me “Mama Bear” involved some fool that decided to park his van while delivering weed to the local teens near the area where my 9 year old son and his friends were playing. Thankfully, someone saw what was happening and ran into the store I was working at to tell me. Let’s just say that when that fool saw me coming, he tore out of there like his hair was on fire. I kid you not – gravel and dust flying everywhere. LOL I made sure the kids were ok and moved their play to someplace closer where they could be easily seen and went back to the store to finish my shift. I really didn’t think much about it until my sister found me later and told me about the stories that were circulating about what had happened and I had earned my nickname because those who had seen me thought I looked like a mama bear protecting her young.

Another time, I was really surprised to hear a friend tell me that she just loved how I always presented myself so confidently in business. Interesting… I didn’t know that was how I was perceived. I certainly didn’t feel it at that time.

So what if we play with this idea? Do you know how you are perceived by others? It might surprise you. More important, how do you perceive yourself? Have you ever tapped into the energy of the lion or tiger or bear? (Oh my! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. LOL) Have you ever been pushed into a place where it was necessary to step up in a way that surprised you? I believe that there is an innate survival drive in many of us that when we find ourselves cornered, we will come out swinging. When the stakes are high and when it really, really matters to us.

Ok, now let’s play with what could change in your world if you tapped into that energy when you were working on your business or your career or an important project? If you can tap into it when the chips are down, you can tap into it anytime. What could that change for you in your relationships? Might that create a different way for you to show up? Do you think people might respond to you differently if you were being that energy and coming from that space?

And how much fun could that be? Creating your life from the space of confidently knowing and following your own instincts rather than waiting for someone to tell you what to do. I have to tell you that just considering this idea as I’m sitting here writing has completely changed my posture and my energy. I’m now sitting up straighter with my shoulders back and it feels really good! It’s very true that what we focus on grows and that our thoughts become things. What could change if you looked in the mirror and could see yourself with the same power and confidence as one of the animals I’ve mentioned. It absolutely is possible, all you have to do is choose it.

What do you choose?

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