Ingredients to Create a Blissful Life #7: Ease

Oh my goodness, this week has been busy and I have to admit, I nearly didn’t get this written in time. LOL How are you doing? Have you been using the ingredients and seeing what fits into your life? If you have, I’d really love to hear what’s changing for you!

This week, your ingredient is: Ease

Ahhhh, I just love that word. I will absolutely have more of that please!

How would you like ease to show up in your life? I don’t know about you, but I recently had reason to sort of look back at the last few years and I have to tell you, easy is not a word I’d use to characterize this part of our lives. Illness, multiple surgeries, aging parents, loss of work for my husband, moving back across the country, starting a business again from scratch, not to mention losing my sister, and those are just the highlights.

And yet, we’re still standing and still moving forward.

You see, in my world, ease – like everything else – is a choice. Do I find myself sometimes feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? Yes! Do I find myself sometimes wishing the ride would stop for a moment? Absolutely! Sometimes I even find myself longing for the peaceful life we created in Alberta. But the truth of the matter is that if I were still living that peaceful life, I am 100% certain that I would NOT be writing this blog. I would not be speaking in public, and I would not be designing programs and running workshops that help women begin to see themselves and love themselves and create lives that honour them. Those things have all come out of the experiences I’ve had here and the people I’ve met – not in my peaceful place.

So how does this work? This choosing Ease? Have you ever heard the saying “You have to roll with the punches”? To me, that is choosing ease. There are times when life isn’t easy, it’s not even fun, and it doesn’t hand you the sunshine and rainbows that make it easy to be skip through the days. It gets messy and painful and even sometimes very ugly. As many of us experience, there are sometimes years of hard that seem to string together like a freight train and it can get heavier and heavier to haul the weight of those cars. And that, is what we call life.

But living? That’s something different. Living is about pulling yourself up and out of whatever feels like it’s pulling you down. It’s not about being stuck in the storm, it’s about laughing and dancing in spite of the rain. It’s about finding and creating your own joy when the world hands you a pile of mess. It’s about thriving and growing and becoming. And that, is all about choice!

Based on the short list I shared with you (and yes, that is actually the short list), would anyone blame me if I walked around unhappy and stressed out all the time? I’m guessing not. But how much fun would that be, and how would that honour me? Whose life would I be creating? I choose to get up, get dressed, show up, and laugh like a fiend every chance I get. Shed tears and deal with things when necessary. Take responsibility for myself and not make myself responsible for everyone else. Forgive myself and others for our shortcomings as we navigate through this difficult space. And accept my current circumstances with as much ease and grace as I can muster – knowing that peace is possible and creating it whenever I can. And move forward in spite of the rain.

What do you choose?

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