Ingredients to Create a Blissful Life #42: Perspective

This week, I want to talk about something that is really showing up in my world and continues to show me its importance.

Your ingredient for this week is: Perspective

Perspective is such an important thing, isn’t it? You can have 2 people who experience identical circumstances, even the exact same situation, and when you talk to each of them individually they may have a completely different story about what happened. Interesting!

So why do you suppose that is? I believe that perspective is formed throughout our lives based on our experiences, viewpoints, values, and beliefs and is really an indicator of how we view the world. If you have grown up knowing that you always have everything you need, your perspective may be that things are easy; but if you have to fight for and earn every single thing you have, you may believe that good things come from hard work and effort if they come at all. If you’re told that you are brilliant and beautiful and deserve every single good thing the world has to offer, you may believe just that; but if you’re told that you’re worthless and horrible and cause nothing but trouble for everyone what might you believe? And do you think that your perspective influences how you show up in the world? You bet it does! The good news is that if your perspective doesn’t serve you, you can change it!

I recently wrote an article and a friend reviewed it and gave me her thoughts. (How blessed am I that I have friends that will give of their time and energy to help me? Perspective.) She had some GREAT ideas about re-working a couple of sentences and it really helped the article. She also had some ideas that I didn’t feel really fit with what I was going for and that’s ok too. The thing that was surprising was that I’d been writing about myself and my story from an entrepreneurial standpoint but when she read it, she saw it from the perspective of my relating a difficult circumstance in my life. Interesting! We both read the exact same words but based on different perspectives, those words carried a completely different meaning.

So how can you use this knowledge? What if you could get into the space of knowing that no matter what you say or do or how you say or do it, people will interpret it based on their own perspective? Not bad, not good, just truth. And when you know the truth you can be prepared. What if you could get really clear that there is absolutely no way to make it through the world communicating effectively with every single person you meet? Might that allow you to have less judgment of yourself and others when there’s a misunderstanding or misinterpretation? Might it relieve some of the pressure of trying to always be politically correct and not offend anyone? Hmmmm… now that might shift a few things for some people.

And what can you do when you realize that your own perspective is not serving you? Start by evaluating what has shifted, then consider whether it’s your perspective or your circumstances that needs to change. If it’s your perspective, it can be as easy as reading a book that can help you see things from a different point of view or finding a new group of people to spend time with that you can learn from. And of course, there are always professionals who can help either through coaching or counselling. Even learning meditation can be a huge help.

If it’s your circumstances, you’ll need to decide what is right for you. If that’s staying in the circumstances, perhaps making it a choice to stay rather than feeling like you have no choice can shift things enough for you. And if it’s changing them, be gentle with yourself as you walk through the process. You deserve everything good and amazing that this world has to offer. If no one’s ever told you that, I just have.

So perspective, like everything else we talk about, appears to be a choice. Comparing our insides with someone else’s outsides is a sure recipe for unhappiness. Finding what’s amazing and wonderful about you and your life and focussing on that and creating more of it? Sounds like a recipe for something pretty yummy to me…

What do you choose?


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