Ingredients to Create a Blissful Life #41: Happiness

Oh, this is a nice one…

Your ingredient for week 41 is: Happiness

What does happiness mean? Does it mean skipping through every day with a smile on your face and never having a moment of angst ever again? I’ll tell you there was a time that I actually thought that was what it meant. Now, I understand things in a bit of a different way.

Expecting that there will never be hard moments or days or that you’ll never feel difficult emotions is completely unrealistic. All of us experience anger, frustration, grief and loss, sadness, and have days that we don’t feel overflowing with joy. Can you work with me on that being happy is actually about making the choice to be happy? I know that might rub some of you the wrong way, but bear with me…

Look at it from this perspective. There are people who have very difficult circumstances in their lives and still have a positive outlook while other people experiencing the same exact circumstances will spend their time and energy complaining. We all know at least a few of each type, don’t we? What’s the difference? The person who gets stuck in the negativity of the situation views life from the position of things being hard and “done to” him or her. The person who stays in a more positive frame of mind simply believes that even though things might be difficult at the moment, life is generally pretty good and it will most certainly get better. And therein lies the choice.

Which type of person are you generally? Do you look at life as being pretty good, or not? Consider that those who view things in a positive way also tend to believe that things are up to them. In that way, they don’t usually slip into becoming a “victim” and when you’re not a victim, you have choice.

Maybe both types of people are necessary. I don’t actually think there’s anything wrong with being either way. Someone created the saying “Misery loves company.” for a reason. But if you could choose whether to spend your time, your energy, your life feeling good would you? It’s really just about the choice you make…

What do you choose?


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