Ingredients to Create a Blissful Life #4: Play

Now this week will be FUN!! What have you created so far? I’d love to hear!

This week’s ingredient is: Play

Woohoo!! When was the last time you did this? Can you even remember? I absolutely love children because almost everything for them is about play. They learn through play, communicate through play, build friendships through play… How awesome is that?

So what happens as we grow older that makes it so the majority of us stop playing and maybe even forget how? We get serious. Somewhere along the line, someone told us a lie. They said that we needed to grow up, be responsible, not make mistakes… But guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way!

Now don’t go off and start doing things like eating nothing but candy and stop doing the things you need to do. That’s not what I mean. If you want to keep your lights on and keep eating, you likely need to show up at work and pay your bills. The lie is that we have to get SERIOUS.

I had a conversation a few months ago with a friend of mine who talked about how she, at around 40, found herself working back in a restaurant. We talked about how we’d both been servers in our younger years and how much fun we’d had. Then she said she’d been feeling bad because her family thought it wasn’t the type of work a grown woman should do, so she stopped it and found other work. And became increasingly miserable as time passed. Eventually, she met and started dating a chef and restaurateur and began working with him and helping him manage and grow his business. And guess what? She was happier than she’d been in years and was making more money than she had at any of the “grown up” jobs she’d tried.

What would it take for you to look back at your life and remember a time you played? I know it’s probably not building blocks and dollies – unless it is. Maybe it’s sports for you, or art, or dance, or chasing your kids around the playground like the tickle monster. Let me encourage you to make time for whatever that thing that tickles your funny bone may be and work it into your life. Or you can continue to be grown up and serious and boring… What do you choose?

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