Ingredients to Create a Blissful Life #37: Pride

Funny, when I opened this post to start writing and saw that this week we were talking about Pride, I immediately thought of a pride of lions. Interesting.

So, this week’s Ingredient to Create a Blissful Life is: Pride

When I follow the line of thought that includes a pride of lions, I suppose I’m picking up on the strength, confidence, and ease lions seem to have. They are at the top of the food chain and I’m sure they know it!

I recently went with a friend to an attraction called African Lion Safari near Cambridge, Ontario. She’d never been and we had a fabulous day. There is a bus ride you can take that takes you through all of the habitats to be able to see the wild animals who live there and of course one of the main attractions is the lions. There were 2 sets, the regular lions and the white lions. In both cases they were laying in the shade paying absolutely no attention to the hundreds of people who were driving by staring at them through the windows and that’s likely because they’re so used to it happening. But there really was a very quiet confidence about them, an air of strength and a complete lack of fear. Fascinating!

So let’s consider this. When I think of pride, there are really several things that come to mind. I think of my religious experiences and “Pride goeth before a fall”; I think of how my heart swelled when my son walked across the stage at his graduation, knowing how hard he had worked to make that happen; and I think of having pride in oneself in the way of confidence and a healthy self esteem. It can be a confusing concept can’t it? What comes to mind for you when you consider what pride means?

I had a conversation several years ago with a co-worker. I was griping about how my superior was trying to undermine my work and how frustrated I was because the changes I was trying to make would drastically simplify things. He asked me “How are you supposed to ever have any pride in a job well done?” and something shifted in my world. Up until then, I think I’d equated pride with boastful and full of ego. I honestly don’t think I’d ever considered that having pride in oneself might actually be a good thing. Funny how things can change in an instant, isn’t it?

So now, I’d say I really like the idea of pride because I associate it more with that quiet confidence than I do with something boastful and attention seeking. It does feel good to have pride in oneself and our accomplishments and if we’re not doing things that make us feel good, what is the point? For myself, I’ll strive toward having more things in my life like that please!

What do you choose?


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