Ingredients to Create a Blissful Life #31: Bliss

Can you believe it’s already August?? I don’t know about you, but this year is going by really, really fast!

Your Ingredient to Create a Blissful Life for the 31st week of 2015 is: Bliss!

Bliss is a funny word. It seems to bring up all kinds of things for people. A year or so ago, I was playing with some ideas about what I was going to call myself in this new stage of my life. Bookkeeper didn’t really fit anymore, Coach sort of fits but not really… what would I call my new role??? So I started to play with different ideas and asked people I knew to give me feedback. I got the funniest reaction from “Your Guide to Bliss”. A friend said that she wasn’t sure about “bliss” because it made her think of orgasmic sex. Naturally, I shied away from that.

It was later that I started to wonder why? I mean, I don’t expect anyone under the age of 18 to read my writing, let alone ask to work with me. I work with grown women. And how does it get better than orgasmic sex? And let’s be real here – if you’ve been following me at all, have you seen me talking about sex at all? Let alone in an x-rated manner?

What was interesting for me was realizing that I seem to have some judgments about what it means to be associated with that. The fact is that sex is a huge part of relationship and when things go wrong it’s very often part of the problem. We talk about it in my groups because it isn’t a blissful thing for many of us, if we’re having it at all.

At any rate, this post was not meant to be about sex – it’s about bliss. LOL

So tell me this. What has ever caused you to feel completely, unadulterated, absolute bliss?

For me, I get there more and more quickly anymore. If I were to tell you what bliss feels like for me, it’s very peaceful and joyful and effervescent. It usually happens when I’m taking time for me, I think because nothing is required of me in the moment. Interesting.

If you’re struggling to remember what bliss feels like for you or when you last felt it, you can start with the things that make you giggle. The things we do just for fun. Dancing, singing, creating, playing…

Next week, I’m running a workshop and one of the exercises I use is called “Finding Your Bliss”. Part of the exercise is about getting really clear on how we spend our time and it’s really quite astonishing. We wonder why we’re not happy but the fact is that many of us are spreading ourselves so thin it’s amazing we’re able to keep going at all. So the trick to finding your bliss? It’s really very simple. Make yourself a priority. (If you’re having trouble doing that, you can find information for the workshop at

I’m going to be really frank with you. I have no judgment about whether people choose to live in a joyful, blissful state or don’t. I am fully aware that people make their own choices and some are very comfortable living in places that are full of hard walls and sharp edges. I’ve done that! What makes me sad is the people who wake up and realize that’s happened and don’t know how to change it.

Bliss requires that we choose things that make our heart sing. It is so simple – maybe too simple? Try this. For one week, every day, just choose one thing for yourself. No other reason. Just one thing, once a day that is just for you and let me know what happens.

Or don’t… It’s your choice.

What do you choose?


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