Ingredients to Create a Blissful Life #28: Contentment

Hello again! I’m back with another ingredient to help you create a blissful life. Here we go!

This week, your ingredient is: Contentment

I’ve been pondering this subject because truthfully, I’m not really the kind of person who waits around for very long. Once I accomplish one thing it isn’t long before I start looking for the next thing I’d like to create. LOL At first, I thought that meant I may have trouble with being content because I get bored and like to be working on a project, and then I realized the two are not mutually exclusive.

Probably the best saying I’ve ever heard that I would relate to contentment is, “God’s in his Heaven and all’s right with the world.” Religious beliefs aside, I really like what this has to say. All is right with the world. I’ll have some of that please!

A common misconception I hear a lot is this idea of if/when this happens, then I can be happy. But what if it’s not about waiting? Hmmm…

I’m a dog person. We’ve had at least one for most of my life and I really don’t imagine I’ll ever go very long without one. They are very good company! Do you know how to tell when your dog is content? It’s that huge belly sigh. You know, the one that they give right at the moment they decide to fully relax? That one. When was the last time you had one of those big belly sighs?

So why is contentment so important? I think it takes a certain amount of belief or maybe even faith to ever really be able to reach that point. Whether it’s in your relationships, your higher power, or yourself (and perhaps in a combination of all three) it is very hard to be completely at peace without faith.

It’s funny, I was facilitating one of my coaching groups tonight and we were talking about something very similar. We were playing with an idea that I find very empowering. Imagine what it might feel like to be stronger, more capable, more potent, and more magical than you ever realized was possible. I have a figurine of a fairy in my sunroom and when I think of potency, she’s what I picture. Head held high, hair blowing, and she looks a wee bit fierce. I picture her in the middle of a huge storm and completely without fear.

I invite you to take a few moments and play with this idea yourself. What would it feel like for you? Would you be fearful? Of anything? I don’t imagine that fear is even relevant in that space, but that’s my picture and you may imagine something totally different.

So let me ask you, if that were really possible (and just so we’re clear, it is) would you choose it? Interesting to me how many people who become aware that more is possible don’t choose it. More peace, more strength, more love, more money… it doesn’t matter what the more is, they simply don’t make that choice. I confess, it sort of boggles my mind but it’s not up to me to worry about other people’s choices.

Perhaps that’s their version of contentment. For me, it’s more about knowing that I’m on the right path, moving in the right direction. That I like to be busy and working on something doesn’t mean I’m not able to achieve a level of contentment – it simply means I like to be busy and productive. Aha!

I’ve become very comfortable with not having to have all of the answers because I know that when I decide what things need to look like I’m actually limiting what can show up and I’ve learned that if I can let go and allow it, things can show up completely differently and much better than I’d imagined was possible.

And I know – beyond a shadow of a doubt – I can and will deal with whatever circumstances present themselves. How do I know that? Historical evidence. I always have so why would this time or the next one or the one after that be any different? Consider that for yourself. You’re still here, still alive, still breathing, right? So you’ve survived every challenge, every problem, every disappointment and heartbreak life’s thrown at you, haven’t you? And there is your historical evidence. You may actually be stronger, more capable, more potent, and more magical than you realized was possible… Heehee

And to be completely irreverent and politically incorrect, by the time you have any historical evidence that you won’t survive something, it won’t matter anymore will it?

So you can find contentment and peace and have belief that you will survive everything that comes your way or you can worry about every single thing that comes up. Happy/content is not about everything being perfect, no matter what people might say. It’s not about always making the safe choice, or about planning until you can’t have a spontaneous thought, and it most certainly is not about requiring yourself and your life to be perfect. Continue searching and waiting, or decide to have it now regardless of where you’re at? Your choice my friend, as always.

What do you choose?

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