Ingredients to Create a Blissful Life #21: Eagerness

What a week! I’ll tell you, there are times when things get busy, and there are times when things get BUSY. LOL Good thing I’m getting pretty good at this self-care thing so making sure to make time for me.

This week, your ingredient is: Eagerness

Now that’s an interesting word. When was the last time you experienced real eagerness? Would you believe that you could experience it all the time if you chose to? I know! Sounds a little far-fetched, right?

I talk a lot about choice on this blog and some people respond that they don’t really believe it’s true. So let me just clarify that point before moving on. It’s a lot more simple than we want to believe, but it really is the truth. For example, maybe you believe you have no choice but to go to your crappy job, every single day, trading your valuable time for a paycheque so you can pay your stupid mortgage on the house that you hate and pay for your kids’ piano lessons and soccer… In that statement alone, how many choices do you see? A LOT! You could choose to pay or to not pay for your kids’ soccer and piano lessons. You could choose to move out of the house that you hate, or you can choose to stay there. You can choose to pay your stupid mortgage or not. You can choose to go to work or to change your job or to not ever go to work again.

Where I think people get hung up is that they attach the consequences to the choice. The consequences of not paying for your kids’ teams and lessons are that your kids can’t do those activities and whatever else that leads to. The consequences of not paying your mortgage is that the bank will eventually take your house. The consequences of never going to work again may be that you go broke, bankrupt, and end up homeless. So people say they have no choice because they don’t like the consequences of not going to work not because you have no choice. You are ALWAYS making a choice.

Ok so now that we’ve got that piece figured out and I’m guessing you’re going to choose to go to work to avoid the negative consequences, let’s play with that. What would change if you decided to approach your life with eagerness? What might happen and what could shift if you decided to wake up tomorrow morning and be excited to go to work? I know, it’s a stretch, but here’s a little perspective for you. How many people don’t have a job to go to? How many people can’t pay their rent or mortgage? How many people don’t have shelter at all, let alone a nice house to live in? How many people can’t have children or can’t afford to feed and clothe the ones they do have so piano lessons and soccer are completely out of reach? How many have buried their children?

Ahhh, that changes things a bit, doesn’t it? So if you can acknowledge that even though you may not like all of your circumstances, you’ve actually got some pretty great stuff to complain about, maybe you could start to be a bit grateful that you have those “problems”? And if you can get to gratefulness, eagerness is a walk in the park.

Eagerness is, in my estimation, about approaching your life looking forward to what’s coming. So when was the last time you were excited and looking forward to something? A vacation, special occasion, holiday, time with friends or family? Try to remember what it felt like while you were waiting. What would it take to bring more of that into your world? A new project, hobby, activity… the possibilities are endless. What makes your heart sing and would make it easier to deal with the things that don’t make your heart sing?

So let me just encourage you to spend a bit of time with this whole thing. Think about what makes you feel that excitement and what you can do to create more of that in your world. Or don’t. Completely up to you.

What do you choose?


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