Ingredients to Create a Blissful Life #13: Fun

Oh yummy!! This week’s entry is going to be a good one!

Your ingredient this week is: Fun!

This is such a timely topic. Spring is just arriving, this week is Easter weekend which is (aside from the religious connotations) a fun time, especially for kids. Think baby animals, searching for candy, bright colours, and imagination all rolled into one weekend! Sounds like a good time, doesn’t it?

I’ve been spending a lot of time focussing on developing new programs and helping women become a priority in their own lives and this has become something that I’ve been talking a lot about. There’s this idea that having fun is what kids do and by default, that adults don’t play. And I find myself wondering where that idea ever came from. Who in the world decided that being a grown up required us to stop playing? We should line them up in a row and shoot them with silly string or water guns! Take that!!

Consider this for a second. You know two couples who are both holding a party on the same night. One of them very serious, and the other laughs readily and you always have a lot of fun when you’re with them. Sometimes, there are considerations like career and connections, business and networking, but all things being equal and without any financial implications, who do you choose? At one time, I likely would have chosen the more serious event and that was because I believed that in order to be successful one was required to be serious. Now though? I’ve figured out that success and fun are not exclusive of one another and in fact, when done well, fun can lead to even greater success because it allows us to be more creative and open to possibility. So without a doubt, all things being equal, you’ll find me with the couple who laugh readily and make me laugh too.

I’m not saying that behaving like an adult does not require us to be serious sometimes. I’m not even saying that people who choose to be serious are wrong to do so. What I’m saying is that some of us don’t seem to understand that there’s another way of being that is also not wrong. When life begins to feel like work and you are in a constant state of overwhelm and exhaustion, when you wake up wondering whose life you’re living, when you feel like there simply must be something more to life than what you’re doing, maybe that’s the piece that’s missing.

If that’s you, there are lots of things you can do. My first go to is to find someone I know with small kids and ask to come over and play with them for a while. Kids have absolutely no judgment and with them, you can turn almost anything into play. Want them to walk faster? Turn it into a race and see how fast they’ll move. Whatever you want them to do, if you can turn it into a game they will want to get involved and join in on the fun. And if you tell them you don’t think they can do something? Oh yeah, it’s done!

Look into laughter yoga or dance classes or art classes or whatever it is that tickles your spirit a little bit. What activities bring you joy? See what you can find and go for it.

And now, on a bit of a serious side note, a friend of mine is working to launch a business that creates planned play activities for women. Members pay only $37 per month, and she arranges one activity per month (laughter yoga session, dance class, art class…) plus a coffee date, and she’s adding more and more activities all the time. We were at an event last night and she said she kept hearing people tell her that they can’t afford her membership. So let’s just get clear on something ok? If you can’t afford to spend $40 on yourself per month, we need to talk! I get that some people may not see the value of a group like this and that’s ok, but I caution you about attaching the “can’t afford it” to your decisions. Our words matter and lack is never a healthy mindset or space to live. So if you choose not to, just choose not to. If you truly believe you don’t have and/or don’t deserve to spend $40 a month on yourself, we can work on that and fix it.

Now, go and play and be joyful and have some fun!! Or don’t, it really is a choice.

What do you choose?

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