Ingredients to Create a Blissful Life #1: Create

When planning for this new year of 2015, I thought I’d have some fun by throwing out an idea to you every day about something you could add to your life to start creating more joy and more fun. Then I started to create the list and realized that 365 words is a pretty long list and if I’m going to write a bit on each one, that’s a pretty big job. So here is what I chose instead.

Every week of 2015, I will pick one word and tell you what that means to me and maybe even make a suggestion on how you might incorporate more of that into your world. Some with special meaning to me depending on dates that are important to me and some just because that’s where it felt good. This word will be posted on Facebook and there will be a blog here on my website.

As we go through the year, I’m going to ask you to ponder these words and if you implement them, I’d love to hear about your experience. Here’s to a 2015 filled with love, laughter, and tremendous prosperity – all beyond our wildest imaginings!!!

Now let’s get started!

For week #1 of 2015, your ingredient is: Create.

Take a minute and just get a feel for that word. When I hear or speak or even think about that word, it makes me a little bit excited. And when I really be in the space of creating, oh man, that’s FUN!!

What would it be like if you could create anything you desire? What could change in your world? Would you be willing to perceive that you’re already doing exactly that, every single day?

Here’s a little exercise I do that helps me get into a creative flow. It only takes a minute and just see if it doesn’t put you in a more positive space when you do it! Find a place where you can be quietly for a few minutes. When you get into that space, just think about something you desire – it doesn’t matter what but you want to choose something that means something to you. When you have your desire in mind, focus your attention on it. What would it feel like for you to have that in your world? And just be with that for a moment. Feel it in your body, your spirit, your being. If it’s a vacation on a beach, imagine the sounds, the smells, the feel of the hot sand. If it’s a bigger house, imagine what if feels like to have more space, picture yourself walking through the halls, cooking in the kitchen if that’s your thing. If it’s a convertible, how would the wind feel blowing through your hair? The key is to really let yourself feel what you imagine it would feel like to have it.

Now while you’re in that space of having what you desire, ask for it! How can I have this in my life? What would it take for me to create this?

That’s it! I’ve heard many times from many “gurus” about visualizing and how it’s helped them create their lives. Would you be willing to do that? Here’s the good news – it’s up to you! And the bad news – it’s up to you! So if you’re willing to step up and do what’s necessary, you can create the life you dream about. What do you choose?

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