Fixing my gaze firmly on what lies ahead and it looks BEAUTIFUL!

Today, I turn 49. I’m amazed that I’ve been on this planet for nearly half a century and I’ve found myself pondering very deep thoughts over the last few days.

My 48th year has been filled with challenges. There has been loss, heartbreak, illness, and disappointment. AND it’s also been filled with amazing loveliness. Love, laughter, joy, breakthroughs, and triumph. The most beautiful shifts and changes have occurred, and the thing I’m most proud of is breaking out of my comfort zone and taking huge risks in order to FINALLY move in the direction of my dreams. I am grateful beyond measure for every single bit of it.

Last night, I had a big bonfire. My intention was to relax and fully release anyone and anything that no longer serves me. The future is bright. The past cannot be changed and it serves no one to continue to give it power, so I am purposefully fixing my gaze firmly on what lies ahead. With a full heart and wishes for peace and happiness, I release the people and situations that no longer serve and give my troubles over to the universe to sort them out. My time and attention will be focused on what is ahead because that is where all of the possibilities live. Moving forward toward a bright and promising future.

This year, more than ever before, is about me. I begin this trip around the sun with a full heart and joyful anticipation for all that is currently being created. Here’s to love, health, prosperity, and joy!

With SO much love…