Having operated a successful accounting practice for nearly 2 decades, Jackie Mott has become an expert at working with small business owners and the issues that confront them.

As a consultant, she has helped her clients determine the health of their businesses, uncover theft and mismanagement of funds, and recover tens of thousands of dollars in over-reported taxes (one case alone was over $23,000, while another was almost $40,000!).

She has also created and helped implement systems and strategies to improve efficiency and ultimately increased the bottom line. One client said, “I have always been impressed with Jackie’s ability to listen and read between the lines, to come up with a customized solution or plan that ultimately improves our business process. Often, she is solving logistical issues we don’t even know we have.”

To find out more about Jackie’s availability and the services she offers as a consultant, please use the Contact form on the right of this page so we can follow up with you and set up a time to have this important conversation.